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The flag-off of the integrated community COVID TB Active Case Finding using the WoW truck in Owerri Imo State on the 7th of September, 2020
KNCV Nigeria deploys the Delft Light backpack to the field.
The KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation Nigeria team led by our Executive Director, Dr. Bethrand Odume will be presenting Abstracts at the 51st Union World Conference on lung health. Date is on the 20-24th October, 2020.
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Nigeria is among the 14 high burden countries for TB

TB/HIV and Multi Drug Resistant TB. The country is ranked seventh among the 30 high TB burden countries and second in Africa. The problem of TB in Nigeria has been made worse by the issues of drug resistant TB and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

According to the World Health Organization, Nigeria is among the ten countries that account for 64% of the global gap in TB case finding. India, Indonesia and Nigeria account for almost half of the total gap.


TB facts in Nigeria

Nigeria ranks 6th among the 30 countries with highest TB burden in the world and 1st in Africa

Nigeria accounts for 4% of the global gap between new TB cases and notified cases (diagnosed, treated and reported)

Out of 429,000 estimated new TB cases in Nigeria only 106,533 were notified to the NTBLCP as at the end of 2018 with 24% treatment coverage

In Nigeria, of an estimated 21,000 drug-resistant TB cases recorded, only 2,275 (11%) were diagnosed and enrolled on second line treatment as at end of 2018

In Nigeria, 6% of all forms of notified TB cases are children less than 15 years

DOTS clinic is available in 27% of health facilities in Nigeria, while only 8% have TB diagnostic services

Of the $278 million needed for TB control in Nigeria in the year 2018, only 40% was available to all the implementers of TB control activities in Nigeria (8% domestic and 32% donor funds), with 60% funding gap.

Low case detection and lack of adequate knowledge about TB due to low awareness creation are two of the major challenges facing TB response in Nigeria.

In addition, only 50% of the LGAs in the country have the recommended rapid diagnostic machine (GeneXpert) for TB diagnosis in the country.

To end TB in Nigeria, more domestic resources are needed especially from government at all levels and from corporate sector to support TB programs and services.


Abdulfata Abdulsalami was a technician with the Nigerian Police Force, his job was to fix damaged police cars, something that required lots of energy and physical strength.
To say that Maryam Hassan’s life has been hard is an understatement. From the age of nine, she suffered from constant pain and fever, then came a loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, and even swollen feet.
“Had it not been for the wonder truck, she would have died,” says Endurance Sabo. She is talking of the Wellness On Wheels (WoW) truck, an initiative of the USAID-funded Challenge TB project.

We fight against TB in Nigeria

We are KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation Nigeria. A local non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis (TB), the deadliest infectious disease in the Nigeria.

KNCV looks back on a successful 49th Union World Conference