KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation Nigeria Competency Based Training (CBT) to TB Surge and Laboratory staff

(Vacancy Number C013)

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation Nigeria is seeking to engage a consultant to provide technical support for the Competency Based Training (CBT) to TB Surge and Laboratory staff in Nigeria.

KNCV Nigeria

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation Nigeria is a local non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis (TB), the deadliest infectious disease in the Nigeria. KNCV Nigeria is a local center of excellence for TB control that promotes effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable tuberculosis control strategies in a national context. Our multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals covers a broad range of expertise such as programmatic TB control, research, clinical management, social science, education, digital health, and project management.

USAID Nigeria TB LON Regions 1 and 2 Project

The TB LON Project is funded by USAID Nigeria and focuses on locally generated solutions to provide TB prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and notification, while addressing stigma and discrimination. The TB LON regions 1 and 2 project is implemented by KNCV TB foundation Nigeria and is expanding the provision and increased access to TB services within the public and none public health sectors in Nigeria. The project is targeted at increasing the number of tuberculosis (TB) cases that are detected, treated and notified to  437,895 within the five year grant implementation period 2020 to 2025 and is being implemented across 14 states in Nigeria; Bauchi, Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Nasarawa, Plateau, Taraba, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Benue, Cross River, Delta, Imo and Rivers State. The project’s four intermediate results are as follows;

  • Improved access to high-quality, person-centered TB, DR-TB, and TB/Human Immunodeficiency Virus (TB/HIV) services;
  • Strengthened TB service delivery platforms;
  • Reduced TB disease transmission and progression and
  • Accelerated TB innovations with improved impact on program implementation

KNCV Nigeria is working with a consortium of partners- two sub recipients- CCCRN and KNCV International and six strategic service package providers- Instrat Global Services, Initiative for the Prevention and Control of Diseases (PCD), Jana Health Foundation, Diadem Consult, Public Health Concerns Ltd and TB Network. Towards meeting the project set targets, KNCV Nigeria and partners adopted a mixed model of community and facility based, health systems strengthening strategies and digital solutions to find TB cases in a Roll in, Roll on and Roll out staged approach. Roll in is in year 1 which is the planning stage, collaborations and capacity building, Roll on is the saturation stage in Year 2,3 and 4 while Roll out in year 5 is the transitioning Stage.

CBT to TB Surge and Laboratory Staff Rationale:

There is an upsurge of new practice relevant information in both TB programs and other programs which can no longer be disseminated in the traditional manner. It has become very imperative that for continuity of programs the double dilemma of training health workers in small cohorts and providing new information and guidance to widely dispersed health workers at short notice on a background of knowledge dearth and staff attrition must be addressed. The TB program is further challenged by the need to expand access and close the seemingly increasing gap in TB case notification. There is an urgent necessity to build the capacity of health care workers in a wide range of programs to meet needs including case detection, linkage to treatment, provision of treatment and support to initiate and retain patients in care.

Purpose of the Assignment

The aim of this consultancy is to provide qualitative, cost efficient, easily accessible, COVID-19 risk free Competency Based Training (CBT) to TB Surge and laboratory staff.

Key Objectives:

Objectives include:

  1. Develop a bespoke course curriculum and content to meet the training needs of about

600 surge staff with specific focus on:

  • Routine TB screening in facilities
  • Referral for diagnostic evaluation
  • Collection and transportation of specimens
  • Bacteriological investigations (Xpert including use of stool, TB LAMP and Truenat).
  • Result retrieval and documentation
  • Contact Investigation
  • Client support in and off facility
  1. Provide KNCV with individual learner evaluation to enable it plan support and supervision where necessary.

Target states: All the 14 KNCV TB LON Regions 1 and 2 States (Bauchi, Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Nasarawa, Plateau, Taraba, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Benue, Cross River, Delta, Imo and Rivers State)

Specific TOR

The consultant will be required to work within the study period and undertake the following assignments while also meeting the stated expectations from KNCV:

  1. Instructional Model
    • There should be an instructional design to guide the course The project team are to work very closely with the KNCV team during course content development. KNCV will expect that a blend of instructional design strategies are developed to deliver the course content. This course therefore, is to be designed to allow learners set their own pace and progress using microlearning, retrieval, feedback and scenario based learning.
  1. Course development
    • The project team will meet with the KNCV team to determine project timelines and deliverables, define learning objectives, identify focal person on both sides and share existing subject contents if any. The Course development shall include recorded live teaching, voice over slides, quizzes, case scenarios and demonstration of best practices and methods of completing relevant tools.
  1. Implementation/roll out.
    • The finalized course content will be shared with the KNCV technical team for review and final approval before deployment.
  1. Expectations from KNCV:
  • Efficiency: Capacity building will be provided for intended health care workers in a very cost-efficient manner.
  • Reinforcing learning: The course contents are available on demand and can be viewed by the health care workers at leisure or at point of service. This repetitive activity is a core component of continuous learning and knowledge
  • Reach: The availability of course contents online and accessibility via mobile devices and creation in small data packages will allow KNCV reach staff in far-flung areas.

Reporting Channels

  • The consultant reports to the Senior Technical Advisor TB LON Project.

Timeframe: Short term assignment from June to September 2021. 

Who are we looking for?

  • MB; BS, MPH/MSC, PHD or corresponding degree in epidemiology, health economics, statistics, or in international/global health;
  • Knowledge of and experience with quantitative and qualitative epidemiological research techniques as well as health policy and management;
  • Past experience in providing similar virtual training support to public health programs in Nigeria;
  • Skills in applying and using software for data collection & data validation;
  • Ability to work as part of a team and independently;
  • Ability to cope with stress and to organize and prioritize workload;
  • Excellent oral and writing skills in English;

Application and information

Kindly download the detailed concept note Here

Your application including your curriculum vitae, a motivation letter, proof of prior experience, and 3 professional references which must be indicated on you CV can be submitted via .  Deadline for Submission is Wednesday 26th May 2021.