Dear Mama Liz, like you once said “Cyril, should I write a book, you and AKS region would be a huge part of it”. Well it is the same for me; you are a huge part of my story. I bless the very day I met you; because it turned out to be the day I found a mother, a teacher and a friend (and these are not just pretty words).

The late madam Elizabeth was a rare kind of person. In and out of work setting, she dazzled me with her humility, compassion, generosity, meekness, simplicity, cheerfulness to mention a few. How could I forget the regular dose of snack once she stepped into the office (Mrs. Irene nicknamed her mother Theresa); the constant jokes she shared (boy, she makes me laugh so hard whenever we had such moments).

Mama Liz was such a peaceful soul. She abhors tension; “Cyril” she would say “it gives me headache”. She would do anything on her part to keep the peace.

Mama Liz was someone who took her job very seriously; very professional, open, dedicated and a great team player- I mean how can any Akwa Ibom regional team member forget their initial contact with madam Elizabeth, the then Finance Consultant in late 2017 and great work she did (and this she carried on even as the regional Accountant).

As a boss, her leadership style was such that there was no wall around her. She was firm and yet very supportive in every sense of the word- she gave me so much room to operate that it shaped me professionally; something I will forever be grateful to her for. 

Mama Liz, the shock of your death is inexplicable; words fail me. ‘’Abuja has always been a place I want to settle with my family’’ you said to me when you moved to the country office. And now this!

If I have the chance to raise the dead, mama, you will be one of them. Rest well Mama Liz.