Vaccines were delivered to the central and northern part of the cross-river state through zipline logistics using drone technology

In line with KNCV’s commitment to adopting innovative ways to provide outstanding and excellent services to the people whom it serves. KNCV deploys innovative service delivery for the timely distribution of vaccines across central and northern cross-river, to break the barrier of prolonged vaccine stockout, weak health systems and delayed distribution of health commodities are some factors affecting vaccine and healthcare accessibility.

To address these challenges, innovative service delivery models such as drones are developed and implemented to facilitate a faster supply of vaccines and healthcare commodities to people in need.
Drones are to deliver medicines and other supplies to remote and hard-to-reach areas, where traditional delivery methods are often unreliable or unavailable.
During a meeting with the SIO amidst the prolonged vaccine stock out, it was suggested that Zipline logistics could be used to deliver vaccines to central and northern Cross River due to their fast delivery service. It was acknowledged by the SIO and she promised to discuss the issue with the Director General of Cross River State Primary Health Care Development Agency to review the idea, given that the Cross River State government had already signed an MOU with Zipline logistics, enabling them to incorporate vaccine distribution into the agreement.

After a few days, feedback was received that as soon as vaccines were supplied to the state, Zipline logistics would step in to help with their distribution. Additionally, a courtesy visit was paid to the Zipline logistics nest in the state located in Ogoja LGA, during which a list of facilities KNCV was currently working with in the region was requested so that they could be included in their next onboarding. Presently, Zipline logistics is assisting with vaccine distribution to central and northern clusters by delivering them via drone to linked public health centers (PHCs).