The delft-light Backpack known as DLB is a miniature or carry-on digital X-ray machine, equipped with CAD4TB (Computer Aided Detection for Tuberculosis Artificial Intelligence (CAD4TB AI) software used for on-the-spot screening and diagnostics services among contacts of TB patients right at their doorsteps. It has improved access to TB services by reducing the cost of x-rays, transportation time and money. It was manufactured by the DELFT Technologies LTD, a company based in Netherland. The DLB is on loan to KNCV and we are partnering with DELFT to pilot the instrument in Nigeria. It was deployed in December 2020.

Out there in the field, the DLB is first used to screen TB contacts and people at risk for TB within very hard to reach locations using the miniature x-ray with artificial intelligence. All identified presumptive based on the X-ray score are asked to produce sputum which are transported in cold boxes for GeneXpert diagnosis in the WoW truck.  X-ray films for presumptive TB who become negative on GeneXpert are further sent to the radiologist for review with good successes.

Patients waiting to be screened