Shuaibu's story of triumph over Tuberculosis

Mr Shuaibu Hasimu

Shuaibu Hashimu, a 23-year-old fisherman from Makani Village in Itas Gadau LGA, Bauchi State, had suffered from a persistent cough and evening sweating but assumed these were normal symptoms of his job. It wasn’t until the Glovax vaccination team visited his village on September 15th, 2022, that he was diagnosed with TB.

After being vaccinated, the team recommended that Shuaibu undergo TB screening due to his persistent cough. His sputum was collected and tested using the GeneXpert machine.

 A few days later, he was informed that he had tested positive for TB and was advised to commence treatment at the DOT clinic in Itas – General Hospital.

Initially hesitant to follow the team’s advice, Shuaibu was pleasantly surprised to learn that the treatment would be free for the entire six-month period. With the encouragement of his fellow fishermen, he decided to follow the team to the DOT clinic.

Upon arrival, Shuaibu was welcomed and treated like a VIP. A file was opened for him, and he commenced his medication. By November 22nd, 2022, he had completed the first phase of treatment, and his chest pain, evening sweating, and consistent cough had disappeared. He started the second phase of treatment on November 23rd, 2022, and is now looking forward to completing his medication by March 21st, 2023.

Shuaibu is grateful to the Glovax team from KNCV Nigeria and the USAID for saving his life, and he has taken it upon himself to spread the word about free TB medication by announcing it in the village mosque both in the morning and evening so that anyone suffering from a persistent cough can come forward for free medication.