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Success Stories


With support from partners, the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (NTBLCP) coordinated the National Childhood Tuberculosis (TB) Testing Week, aimed at identifying and diagnosing childhood TB cases. The case of Rukayya Isah, a 14-year-old student from the community of Sambuwal in the Shira LGA of Bauchi State showcases the positive outcome of the activity.

During the WOW community ACF (Active Case Finding) intervention at Sambuwal village, Rukayya’s mother expressed her worry about her daughter’s recurrent cough, which is the only symptom she experienced. Rukayya was tested for TB, the diagnosis confirmed Rukayya to be positive for Tuberculosis and she was immediately placed on treatment. The KNCV Bauchi team initiated contact tracing efforts to screen Rukayya’s close relatives. Eleven family members, including her mother, two sisters, and two brothers, were screened for TB. Thankfully, no additional cases of TB were found among those screened, the family was placed on TB Preventive Therapy (TPT).

This success story highlights the significant impact of National Childhood TB Testing Week and the importance of community-based interventions and the collaboration between government agencies, healthcare providers, and partner organizations. The program has increased childhood TB case detection and contributed to a notable increase in the treatment success rate. 


The WoW team started the Active case finding in Bauchi and visited a community called Kimni. Kimni is about 15 to 20 kilometers outside Bauchi town. The people in this community were mainly Fulani, and although they had a small population, there were TB cases there. On the day of the outreach, a little girl of about 8 years approached the truck for the screening exercise, this was after her father had been diagnosed with TB and the DOT officer commenced contact tracing on members of his family. However, no member of the family was identified as presumptive except Rahima Abubakar who didn’t show any signs of illness at the time of screening. The machine confirmed she had Tuberculosis and she was enrolled for treatment on the 8th of December 2022 in Turwin PHC, the closest facility to the community where she lives.

After a few months of treatment, the WoW team who were monitoring the girl’s progress checked in with the officer in charge of her treatment who noted that she was recovering faster than expected. Detecting her Tuberculosis early played a big role in her quick recovery. Thankfully, Rahima Abubakar successfully completed her treatment and is now free from TB, all thanks to the efforts of USAID, KNCV NIGERIA, and the hardworking WoW ACF team.

Reverend Sister Regina Useh 

Reverend Sister Regina Useh is a TB Champion who has made it a mission to clear up Tuberculosis myths in her neighborhood. She tells them that tuberculosis is not a supernatural disease and encourages her community members to utilize the free TB screening and treatment services provided by KNCV Nigeria, which is made possible by support from USAID. She is a dedicated Lab Scientist at Itam West Primary Health Care Center in Akwa Ibom State. Noteworthy is her commitment to performing her role as a medical lab scientist and focal point for the tuberculosis lab in the center, putting in extra hours, especially on the weekends, to make sure the missing TB cases are found. Though she mentioned the serious difficulties caused in the past by insufficient power supplies, this problem was successfully resolved by KNCV Nigeria through USAID funding with the installation of solar panels for uninterrupted TB testing in the facility.

8-year-old Marvelous Eno Emmanuel, a primary two pupil at St. Patrick Catholic Primary School in Ikot Ukana Obot Akara in Akwa Ibom State, emerged as a glowing success story during the National Childhood Testing Week in May in the State under USAID TB LON 1&2 Project. The sickness presented with cough and weight loss. Marvelous was one of the ten (10) kids who were diagnosed with Tuberculosis during the outreach, this disclosure kicked off a life-changing path to his improved health.

Since his diagnosis and treatment, Marvelous has made remarkable progress and is doing incredibly well now. His grateful mother joyfully attests to the fact that he is healthier than ever and exudes renewed vitality.

 “My son is feeling better, the cough has subsided, and he has started gaining back the weight he lost.” 

Marvelous’s family including his older siblings were also tested for Tuberculosis which came back Negative. They were placed on TB Preventive Therapy (TPT).

 “Our team’s continuous efforts in the Ikot Ekpene area are focused on locating and treating tuberculosis cases, Marvelous’s success story strengthens our commitment to improving the well-being of our community. To identify and treat potential cases as soon as possible, we have taken samples from the older siblings of Marvelous as part of this effort,” states the Linkage Coordinator, Mr. Umem Johnny.