In 2016, the World Health Organization estimated that close to 40% of tuberculosis (TB) patients were ‘missing, meaning that approximately 4 million TB patients may not have been diagnosed and properly treated. To break the chain of transmission and end the TB epidemic, it is necessary to find, diagnose and treat all these missing patients.

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation has developed a global ‘Find and Treat all Missing Persons with TB’ (FTMP) strategy with an Operational Guide that defines a practical district level approach to find, diagnose and treat people with TB. After all, even within a country, disease burden and distribution, as well as health systems and community engagement may differ. Our strategy guides high TB-burden countries how to systematically assess the local situation and translate the outcomes of this analysis in affordable, effective and patient-centered strategies to increase access to high quality TB diagnosis and care. This way, KNCV builds country capacity to find the missing patients in a standardized and measurable way that takes into account the country context, along with the health needs of vulnerable patients and their families.